The beneficial effects of music

It is unbelievable that this is the first song that has been listened to over 6 billion times! Music has a physical and mental health benefits which help us deal with daily stress, comforts us after a break-up or just cheers you up while driving. Research shows that music doesn’t just relax us or distract our attention, but it can also motivate us or even ease pain. What else can music do? Here are a few more benefits:

  • It may be surprising, but classical music has a soothing effect and promotes deep, relaxing sleep.
  • Increases blood circulation. Researchers have shown that listening to music has a positive effect on veins and arteries, which increases blood-flow and actually improves the mood of patients. 
  • It decreases stress and assists the meditative state. It is proven that music can help relieve anxiety too! Therefore it is beneficial to combine massage with music. Peace and relaxation is best with a warm, relaxing bath, followed by goat-milk and lavender body lotion treatment – all while listening to music in your own bathroom.
  • Finally one of the most beneficial effects:
    We eat less if we are listening to music while dining in dim, ambient light. Music slows people down and since we feel full faster, we consume fewer calories! This is the only way to dine!
    However, we should note that the most frequently downloaded music is anything but soothing.

Unbelievably, there is a song with over six-billion views and this is not the first record the video has set! Despacito was the first song to reach three-billion, four-billion and five-billion views on the most popular online video sharing website!
Luis Fonsi’s hit entered the Guinness Book of World Records seven times, since it is also the most “liked” video too! It sounds incredible, but there were days when close to 26 million people “liked” Despacito!